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The TRACS Concept

The TRACS Robot System was originally developed as a training tool for the 21-foot rule or Tueller drill. In the early days of training for the 21-foot rule, mechanical targets were at best a clothes-line type mover or a track/rail based device. Both types of targets had severe limitations and problems. These systems required permanent installations on the range and usually needed permanent power. In addition, these systems were at the mercy of the elements and often broke down during training. Also, these devices were prone to damage from incoming rounds. Being permanent installations, they couldn't be moved to different ranges or areas.

Track and wire products also had practical limitations. They run at a constant speed and a single direction. Students quickly become accustomed to the movement and anticipate it. The value of such limited training is quickly exhausted.

TRACS Robots solve all of these problems. They can be easily moved from a square range to a shoot house to a sniper course in a matter of minutes. At the end of the day's training, they can be moved to storage out of the weather. TRACS Robots are constructed of true military-grade armor plate. Foam-filled tires means a stray round won't stop the day's training. Four-wheel drive means you can operate over a wide variety of terrain conditions. Fully variable speed and steering gives the instructor the ability to make the scenarios unpredictable for advanced students yet performance can be dialed back for less experienced shooters and to illustrate specific tactics. All types of small arms and less-lethal weaponry can be trained for using the TRACS Robots.

But that's just the beginning....

TRACS Robots can also be equipped with the new Hannibal Reactive Target System which senses bullet impacts on the target and drops the target accordingly. Hannibal feautures a sound module which plays a variety of sounds for hit shots, kill shots, and taunts. The number of hits can be randomized during square-range training to encourage students to react to unpredictability.

TRACS Robots also have a life outside the range. When equipped with a variety of tactical accesories, your investment in the concept is maximized. Sure, there are high-end bomb and surveillance robots out there. TRACS becomes a multitasker. When equipped with a wireless camera, its high speed lets you quickly zip out to inspect a suspicious package or view an environment prior to sending in an entry team. Have a suspect barricaded inside a house, the Payload Delivery System lets you send in a rescue phone or supplies without placing an officer in harms way. TRACS Robots have a massive load capacity allowing you to use the system for general payload transport or to tow heavy vehicle-type target lifters.

So when you're finished playing with toys, get the tools professionals use.


About Northern Lights Tactical

Northern Lights Tactical is a division of Birchwood Limited. Our mission is to develop training and tactical-use products for civilian, law enforcement and military applications. Strong relationships with training facilities such as Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona and with law-enforcement and military professionals gives us the ability to develop and test products in real-world environments based on the needs of people on the ground.

The Northern Lights Tactical division was created in 2003 by Blair Burtan. Mr. Burtan has an extensive background in engineering and software development including a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Software Engineering. He is also an avid shooting enthusiast and holds expert ratings in pistol and carbine from Gunsite. The combination of professional and extracurricular interests has led to Northern Lights Tactical's first product: the TRACS training and tactical robot system.

Birchwood Limited began in 1993 as a visual effects software company with its Northern Lights Productions division. Northern Lights Productions has created software for computer-generated imagery for such films as "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace", "Star Trek: First Contact", "Austin Powers: Goldmember", "The Bourne Identity", "Behind Enemy Lines", and "Titan A.E."



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