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The Kraken

The Kraken system expands the capabilities of the world-renowned TRACS training robot line with a remotely-operated electric vehicle capable of carrying heavy loads and running at faster speeds than the TRACS mobile infantry target platform.

The Kraken is built upon a 48-volt 4.4 horsepower AC induction drive train chassis with independent front suspension, 22-inch off-road tires, 800 lb load-capacity, and a top speed of 20 kph (higher speeds available).


TRACS TAC-12 Robot Target System

The TRACS TAC-12 is similar to the TAC-10 but with a larger chevron-tread 12-inch tire.

The larger tires give you additional speed and ground clearance and the chevron tread yields improved traction.

(Shown here with optional desert-tan powder coat and optional foam target mount)

TRACS Transmitter

New for 2015

  • This unique system uses SDS(Signal Direct Sequence) that performs at a high signal transmission rate, increasing consistency and minimizing interference unlike other systems that hop channels.
  • First Ever Color LCD Swivel Screen can swivel vertical or horizontal to expose the menu keys.




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