Demo Articles

Sample articles used for Demo only.

Urban Shield

TRACS surprises SWAT teams at Urban Shield

Triggers: Weapons That Changed The World

TRACS Robots and high explosives on the set of Triggers.

TRACS with Sand Tires

TRACS robots can be outfitted with 8-inch wide balloon tires for improved operation on loose sand.

Urban Shield

The Urban Shield event is held at the Alameda County Sheriff's Training Facility. This event is a 48-hour endurance challenge consisting of 25 different scenarios all around the San Francisco Bay area. Teams begin the series at 0600 on Saturday morning and operate continuously through Monday morning only taking time to rest while traveling from one evolution to the next. SWAT teams from around the country as well as some European teams attend the event.

Huntington Beach SWAT

The Huntington Beach SWAT Team engages the TRACS Robot

Under the direction of Bill Murphy at his range in Southern California, the SWAT Team trains on moving targets.




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